Monday, March 10, 2008

Bracing For the Pink Slip

Looking at the calender, I realize that I have 8 working days left and I couldn't be happier!!!!!

As I posted in a previous blog, my current IT job (Company A) is being outsourced to Company B. I wonder what would happened if I posted the actual name of the companies? I remember reading a few months ago about someone who blogged about her 'work activities' and she was fired for it.

I'm not sure if she was doing it on company time or what her motive was for doing it but losing her job over it was pretty sad. Since she lost her job, she should look into doing it more often. If I were here, I would go ahead and blog about everything that went on. It's called venting, sharing and if you want to get technical, freedom of speech - of course, provided as long as secret company information is not made public.

In my situation, Company B was expecting most of us in my IT group to jump at the chance to sign up with them but they were sadly mistaken. No one signed up with them. Why sign up with an agency who's offering you a major pay cut and no benefits? Since they received no interest from us, they decided to get two other agencies on the bandwagon - and they're plum crazy because their 'employment offer' is the same one as Company B! It's a big, fat joke.

I guess these agencies think we're all that desperate for a job with low pay and no benefits. There was also opportunities that were promised for us internally with Company A, but these came up blank. There was no interest from the hiring managers, nothing at all except empty lies and promises. And sadly, it's been like this Day One with this particular company and things are not going to get better, it's going to get worse.

It will be worse for them because they will have to train all new people who may or may not have relevant IT work experience. They want us to leave the end of the month and the new people will come in the next day on the first of April. All of our equipment, laptops, workstation servers, etc. will be leased to Company B. Mind you, the equipment is already four years old.

It also could get worse because they will not have company employees handling equipment and propriety information. You will have temporary workers and contractors and I don't mean any disrespect toward them, BUT there is an issue with confidentiality, that's all I'm saying. It's a big risk and if both Company A and Company B doesn't realize this, then it's all on them.

I will admit that part of me is concerned but that concern gets quickly thrown out of the window when I realize that Company A and B are not concerned about me at all. When it all comes down to it: money talks while people, the best experienced, hard-working people in my IT group (including me) gets told that we're being tossed out because they claim we make too much money. Excuse me, I haven't had a raise in 3 years, how am I making too much of it?

There will be no tears, no tissues, no looking back, just forward so I can begin my countdown! You can count down with me: 8 more working days! (I'm blogging Sunday night so no one can say I was doing this on company time if I'm ever founded out)

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