Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Staff Meeting Blues

When I got to work this morning, I found out from a co-worker that yesterday's staff meeting/conference call lasted another hour. So, instead of 4:00-5:00, it went on until 6:00 pm. I ended up hanging up the phone around 5:10, after the 8th person made the same exact complaint that the previous 7 employees before him made. Valid complaints yes, but still the same complaint and management supplies the same answer every time, "we understand your frustration" - and it's equally frustrating to hear this same phrase repeated over and over again.

If we really think about it, companies are just not into employee morale and job-loss therapy, there really is no such thing. And yesterday's staff meeting was a good indication of it. Bottom line and I've said this many times in my other posts and I'm going to say in this one as well as future ones too, but we have to remember that 'we cannot depend on these companies to keep us employed'. At any given time, no advance notice, we get that pink slip in the form of an email, staff meeting announcement, however they feel to do it, they'll get the word out.

Bad news always sells and bad news always travels fast. It's how we react to it that will determine if it's really bad news. It may be the best news we've ever received because possibly for the first time in our careers and professional lives, WE can take control. We are no longer under someone else's yoke, we can carry our own because we can do a better job of it. We just have to keeping reminding ourselves of it.

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