Monday, March 17, 2008

Bracing For the Pink Slip - Day #7

Nothing too much today, just in anticipation of tomorrow's big meeting. I'm expecting nothing but the same, old bad news. I did get word today that our workload will be increasing over the next few days but am I worried? Not at all. I can only do what I can and nothing more. Metrics and numbers have to be met and upper management seems to be only concerned with that and not us.

I've decided to jot down email addresses of previous clients and colleagues to let them know that I won't be around after the end of the month. Keeping in contact with those folks that you have helped in the past, is a good idea. You will definitely be remembered if another opportunity comes up. It's good to build a network, you never know what it could lead in the future.

Now that the work day is over, now it's official - 6 more working days left!

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